Ministry of "Frankenstein"

Submitted by Brian Pendreigh on Mon, 09/20/2004 - 16:00

Regulars at Edinburgh Film Festival will remember Lizzie Francke as the artistic director who gave the impression she would be more comfortable dissecting the latest Korean masterpiece in the pages of the high-brow Sight and Sound magazine, than introducing it on stage, tripping over her words in her enthusiasm, forever brushing her fringe out of her eyes.

She spent five years in the post, from 1997 to 2001, bringing a new cerebral cutting edge to the event, before returning to London and more or less disappearing from view.

Atta Yaqub on Ae Fond Kiss

Submitted by Brian Pendreigh on Fri, 09/17/2004 - 16:00

Atta Yaqub is young and handsome and very bright, the epitome of the well-educated, second-generation Scottish-Asian, who might take his pick from a number of promising careers. Recently he has been working as a youth counsellor, giving advice to young people from Glasgow's ethnic minorities, and he clearly believes in the importance of what he has been doing. But he also believes in "going with the flow". And a few months from now Atta Yaqub the youth counsellor is very likely to have evolved into Atta Yaqub the film star.

Getting To Know Paul McGuigan

Submitted by Brian Pendreigh on Thu, 09/16/2004 - 16:00

Paul McGuigan was sitting in a junkie's house watching a little black and white television when he received a phone call from Los Angeles asking if he would be interested in taking over from Joel Schumaker as director of a $30 million Hollywood movie starring Pearl Harbour's Josh Hartnett.

"I was doing a film for the BBC called Little Angels, which was about two drug addicts trying to stay off heroin and failing miserably," he recalls. "Within two days I was in the Chateau Marmont (one of LA's starriest hotels), sipping cocktails with Josh."

Cruise Explores Dark Side

Submitted by Paul Fischer on Sun, 09/12/2004 - 16:00

The one thing you can say about Tom Cruise: The older he gets, the bigger the challenges he relishes. While he may do a Mission:Impossible, Cruise will also step into places he hasn't quite traversed, from last year's Last Samurai, which garnered him some of his best notices in years, to this year's Collateral, a dark thriller directed by Michael Mann, in which the actor plays Vincent, a hitman, who hijacks a local cab driver (Jamie Foxx), during one, violent night in LA.

High Definition On The Rise

Submitted by Robert Alstead on Mon, 08/30/2004 - 16:00

If you were watching the action in Athens or moseying about the festivals in the "Athens of North" this last month, you may have picked up on the increased buzz about High Definition (HD).

For years, we have heard how HD's high resolution pictures would augur in a golden age for digital video. It would sweep aside current analogue broadcast systems and usurp film itself.

Edinburgh Film Festival 2004 - Day 12 - Closing Day

Submitted by Douglas Bell on Sun, 08/29/2004 - 16:00

So we come to the closing day of the film lover's feast. Edinburgh's atmosphere has been at its most charged as the Scottish capital drew over a million visitors, twice the city's population, for the month-long festivals celebrating books, music, theatre, comedy, film and television.

Tomorrow will undoubtedly create something of a cultural vacuum as the film festival comes to an end. I'll have to find something other than cinema to fill the days. All suggestions are welcome.