Cedric Kahn on Roberto Succo

Submitted by Matthew Arnoldi on Wed, 05/29/2002 - 23:50

Twentysomething director Cedric Kahn's follow-up to the highly-rated L'Ennui is a thriller about a young Italian who kills his parents, is sent to a mental institution and then escapes. From there cops chase this dangerous con-man across France. En route Succo meets a young girl Lea and the two indulge in a dangerous relationship.

Hart's War

Submitted by Brian Pendreigh on Tue, 05/21/2002 - 02:18

As Hart's War, starring Bruce Willis, brings a new spin on the World War II Prisoner-Of-War genre, Brian Pendreigh asks some of the original POWs whether their wartime experience resembled anything like we find in the movies.

The Other Side of Halle Berry

Submitted by Paul Fischer on Thu, 05/16/2002 - 21:47

Halle Berry caused a storm by exposing her breasts in Swordfish for a reported $500,000. Now that she has made Oscar history with her winning role as Leticia in Monster's Ball it's her acting talent that everybody is talking about. In the film, Berry plays an executed convict's wife who abuses her obese son and becomes romantically involved with a violent, racist prison warden.

Spider-Man Is A Different Kind of Hero

Submitted by Brian Pendreigh on Wed, 05/15/2002 - 21:53

He can climb buildings as easily as walk along the street, he can shoot webbing from his wrist and he is all set to become cinema’s latest superhero. As record US box office receipts testify, Spider-Man has finally emulated Superman and Batman and become a major movie star.

But even before Spidey hatches on UK shores in June, legions of rival superheroes are gathering for an assault on the box-office. Daredevil, The Hulk and an X-Men sequel should all be in cinemas by next summer, while Blade II, nips in ahead of them at the end of this month. (March) 

Return of the Mummy's Boy

Submitted by Paul Fischer on Wed, 05/15/2002 - 12:26

Brendan Fraser’s star shone even brighter in the unexpected hit adventure The Mummy. Now he’s back in a megabucks Hollywood sequel that is already setting records at the US box office.

On its first weekend (May 6th and 7th) the Mummy Returns made an estimated $70.1million - $5.3million more than George Lucas prequel Star Wars - the Phantom Menace on its opening weekend.

Trainspotting Star Gets Teeth Into Scottish Werewolf Movie

Submitted by Brian Pendreigh on Mon, 05/13/2002 - 16:00

It is being acclaimed as the best British horror movie in years. It has Kevin McKidd following in the footsteps of Ewen Bremner and Ewan McGregor as the latest Trainspotting star to swap a syringe for Army fatigues. And it is set in the Scottish Highlands... even if it did shoot almost entirely in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Willem Dafoe - Still Evil in Spider-Man

Submitted by Paul Fischer on Fri, 05/10/2002 - 01:13

With an actor of Willem Dafoe's calibre as the baddie you can be fairly sure that Spider-Man will be more than just run-of-the-mill Hollywood schlock. The actor talks about playing his latest cinematic super-villain - evil alter-ego to billionaire Norman Osborn, The Green Goblin

Paul Fischer You really had a huge amount of fun doing this, I could tell. 

Willem Dafoe There was lots to play with.

P.F. You’ve avoided doing these really big studio films, however.