Denzel's Change of Direction

Submitted by Paul Fischer on Sun, 05/05/2002 - 00:13

Denzel Washington was in a good mood when we met, as well as he should be. Wearing a black t-shirt, jeans and his traditional baseball cap, he has capped off quite the year, first with his Oscar win and now with his debut directorial gig which is receiving quite the buzz here in Hollywood. As for that Best Actor Oscar win, the actor recalls being genuinely surprised when his name was called out. 

007 Agents Seek World Domination

Submitted by Brian Pendreigh on Thu, 05/02/2002 - 00:23

An advertisement in cinema magazine Screen International launches James Bond rights holders on path of shadowy agent. 

Not only is James Bond up against an old adversary he thought he had killed off, he is also facing a mysterious agent from Amsterdam, who communicates with the world through the press. What the Dutchman is selling would make any self-respecting secret agent twitchy - he is offering James Bond to the highest bidder.

Eddie Griffin Goes Undercover

Submitted by Paul Fischer on Tue, 04/23/2002 - 01:42

Outrageous and irreverent stand-up comic Eddie Griffin gets to send up those seventies Blaxploitation films as the "Undercover Brother". Talking to the brazen comic is no easy task, though there are occasional moments of seriousness, just a few...

Paul Fischer How did you get involved in this goofy project? 

Eddie Griffin I was in jail, and [producer] Brian Grazer called me up.... (laughter) 

P.F Go on... 

Tobey Maguire, Doing Whatever A Spider-Man Can

Submitted by Paul Fischer on Mon, 04/15/2002 - 01:27

Tobey Maguire was not an obvious choice for the Spider-Man lead, but now that he has slipped on the spider suit, he will likely be webbed to the role. 

Having seen Tobey Maguire’s work in the likes of Cider House Rules (as a wide-eyed teenage orphan) and in Wonder Boys (as a weirdo student), it is no surprise that many scoffed at the casting of the actor in the title role of Spider-Man, yet seeing him in the dual roles of the spider superhero and love struck nerd Peter Parker, there is a distinct feeling that one couldn’t imagine anyone else.

Director Iain Softley on K-Pax

Submitted by Paul Fischer on Sun, 04/07/2002 - 03:59

British director Iain Softley is nothing if not diverse, from the likes of Backbeat to his acclaimed Wings of the Dove, Softley believes in not making the same film twice as evidenced by his new film K-PAX, the story of a mysterious man (Kevin Spacey) who claims to be from outer space.

Did you come on board after Kevin?

Shagwell Turns Pro - Heather Graham Interview

Submitted by Paul Fischer on Fri, 02/01/2002 - 01:15

Whether it's shagging Austin Powers, enjoying a bit on the side with ex-boyfriend Ed Burns in Sidewalks Of New York, or having dangerous liaisons with Johnny Depp in her latest film, From Hell, Heather Graham certainly has been hard at it.

Graham talked to Paul Fischer, about Austin Powers 3, ex-boyfriends, and her hellish new movie.

Heather Graham is all set to get down-and-groovy in the next Austin Powers movie, Goldmember, but there is a condition.

The New Rat Pack

Submitted by Paul Fischer on Thu, 01/17/2002 - 14:15

What do you get when you put George Clooney, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Don Cheadle, plus veteran producer Jerry Weintraub and Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh in a room with journalists? Enough heat to melt by.

The room in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Los Angeles is, not unexpectedly, buzzing. A group of eager journalists have gathered on a Saturday night in December to discuss Steven Soderbergh's smooth and ultra-cool reworking of the Sixties Rat Pack caper flick, Ocean 's 11.