Take 3 - Audition Audio Clips

Submitted by Robert Alstead on Wed, 02/09/2005 - 16:00

Following on from last week's review of Adobe Audition, here are three sample clips that I created in an evening's sitting. They are no works of art by any means, more sketches or works-in-progress, but you get a sense of what can be quickly achieved using Audition. All the loops that were used in the compositions came on Adobe Audition's Loopology DVD, so I didn't even need to search through online audio libraries for extra material. I envisage using these as possibly snatches of background music in a video project.

The clips are all 128k Windows Media (.wm) files.

Ska track

During the Sumer I was filming a cycle street party where they had a pedal-powered music system that was blasting out these deep bassy reggae tracks. I couldn't use the original music for copyright reasons so I thought why not create my own. Loopology has a set of loops with a reggae theme - which I mixed up with some loops from other themes as well.

Funky organ

I love the sound of the Hammond organ and it also works well without vocals - audio without vocals can sound somewhat lacking, especially if the rhythm section is looping forever. The hammond seems to fill that vacuum. But the back beat doesn't do enough to keep up with the hammond line. It makes the composition sound a bit musacky.

Yogic Flying

This is more of an ambient themed one, at least to begin with. I had a clip of myself playing some chords on my creaky, out-of-tune piano. Around this unlikely starting point, I built the composition. This version hasn't got any of the creaks from the piano pedals removed (in the review I talked about how you can do this easily in Audition) and I manage to duff up the chords midway, which all adds to the low-fi charm (he says, puffing madly). The soothing voice that you hear is that of a spokesman for the Natural Law Party of Canada who I filmed during the 1993 Canadian federal election when several yogis were demonstrating how to "fly" at Toronto university. The Natural Law party was running on a platform of getting 7000 yogic fliers into parliament in Ottawa to resolve Canada's problems. They ran in every riding (constituency), but sadly no Natural Law members were elected. They were ahead of their time.

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