Sporty Stormbreaker Star Relished Role's Physical Side

Submitted by A Gent on Fri, 07/21/2006 - 16:00

Are you prepared for this role to make you a heartthrob for teenage girls everywhere?

"I don't think about that yet. But hopefully, touch wood."

How did you get the role?

"I was the first person they saw, and oddly enough the last person too. I went through this gruelling process of audition after audition. I finally got to the stage where I thought I couldn't face another one, but that was when they offered me the role. It was fantastic, a great opportunity."

Were you already a fan of Anthony Horowitz's books?

"I was, I'd read Stormbreaker and Point Blanc and thought they were both great. Anthony is a terrific writer and he made the screenplay for Stormbreaker even better than the book."

Describe some of the things you get to do in the film?

"How many days can you drive a quad bike at 70 miles an hour on a runway, with about 40 assorted vehicles chasing you and firing machine guns at you? And then there was a 120 mph cargo helicopter coming towards me, and I had to skid as it went over and shoot a thing that would pull me 120 foot into the air. That was the biggest adrenaline rush."

There must have been an adrenaline rush too working with your illustrious co-stars, wasn't there?

"In my eyes they're some of the best actors working today, people like Bill Nighy and Mickey Rourke and Ewan McGregor. It was fantastic to work with such a great cast and a fantastic crew. I learnt so much from them."

Away from the screen what do you enjoy best at school?

"Everything, I love PE, I love English. You've got to take school with a knock on the chin because it's gearing you up for real life."

And sport?

"Skiing, tennis, all round sports. That's what set me up for the physical side of Alex. But there were so many physical things that he has to do in the movie that I still had to train pretty hard."

Is acting something you want to continue when you leave school?

"Of course, I love it. I love bringing characters to life, I love what I do."

What are the downsides to the job?

"You have to sleep sometime. With acting I always want stay awake and keep at it."